• Most gave, and still give, the utmost respect to Tom. With the buff so hard these days, most of his spots seem to be just simple history. When death occurs it seems to bring people together.
    Cutter's Bar and Grill in Detroit's historic Eastern Market
  • Visual Menu Editor to augment the core Joomla menu manager
    Menu Menu Editor
    Create multiple columns with auto or individual custom widths
    Menu Columns
    Insert inline positions and particles directly into the menu
    Menu Inline Blocks
  • Gantry 5's Particles system makes it easy to configure content blocks.
    Gantry Particles
    Layout manager has drag and drop functionality for easy modifications
    Gantry Layout
    A built-in and versatile dropdown menu system with extensive controls
    Gantry Menu
  • Built with the advanced dynamic stylesheet language SCSS (CSS)
    Code SCSS CSS
    Utilizing Twig a highly flexible and secure templating engine for PHP
    Code Twig Engine
    Template setup is powered by the human readable language YAML
    Code YAML Config
  • Responsive layout with support for mobile devices and computers
    Mobile Responsives
    Dedicated menu optimized for mobile devices to aid site navigation
    Mobile Sidemenu
    Offcanvas position designed for blocks specifically for mobile
    Mobile Offcanvas
  • Optimize speed with compressor and consolidator RokBooster
    Core RokBooster
    Recoded with performance in mind with efficient caching solutions
    Core Gantry Cache
    Extensive set of Gantry 5 documentation and community help
    Core Support

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