Now that's perhaps one of the finest examples of spiritual guidance I have ever had the good fortune to witness... That was one of the finest examples of spiritual guidance I've ever had the good fortune to witness.

Lets do some gratuitous violence.

-Murphy MacManus, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

And before I forget, to all my manic hispanics out there: ¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!

As far as All Saints Day goes, I've no idea what it actually is. But I do like the movie The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. And I love the character Romeo, the Mexican who is always in his feelings and drives an interesting VW Beetle. "This ain't rocket surgery!" You can see Clifton Collins Jr. in other movies, like he is the very serious character in Tigerland from Lousiana (and yes, it was a real military where the U.S. Army had trained for The Vietnam War). But I forget what other movies he has been cast in.

I had met Norman Reedus once, in Novi, Michigan. It was actually at Motor City Comic Con, and he was hungover and a few hours late. It didn't matter, I waited in line with my friends who were hell bent on meeting the man and getting his autograph because they were so into The Walking Dead. He's a small guy. He reminds me a bit of a rockstar, but I imagine that comes with the territory of having a supermodel from the 90's as your baby mama. And he's small in stature, but genuinely he was a friendly and nice guy. He didn't turn anyone away. Now I'll have to find the photos of him that I took to post on here somewhere, some time. I only remember I went to that comic con event because I wanted to meet Edward James Olmos, and I did. I even had a photo of him. The money he had collected for photo opportunities and/or autographs he had donated to a non-profit that involves clean rivers and water. I also had met his son, Bodie Olmos. I liked Olmos (both of them) because he was cast as Admiral William "Bill" Adama in Battlestar Galactica. His son had a role as well, playing a pilot with the call name "Hotdog", Brendan Constanza. Another cool thing, Edward James Olmos followed me on twitter. The dude is a real class act and amazing actor.

At other cons I had met Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, Aquaman), and he is fucking awesome and has a great sense of humor. Then Lena Headey, the british actress who is Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones signed a photo for me with my moniker 9thninja. I met the legendary Stan Lee, creator of Marvel comics. The list goes on, but I digress.

Halloween was uneventful. In my neighborhood, from what I witnessed, only teenaged kids were out trick-or-treating. And some of my neighbors set up their small tables and sat out there for two hours.

Best Halloween Public Safety Announcement known to date:

Remember how back in the day, there were always those public service announcements warning parents to check their children's candy before distributing it? Parental units were meant to check for razor blades stuck in the middle of apples and poisoned candy. Or was it cocaine-laced candy? Statistically, now officials admit it wasn't actually the people in neighborhoods giving away candy that were trying to kill all the children; it was their own family. Last week on Channel 95.5 (a Detroit radio broadcast channel) one of the D.J.s told the story about how a parent had found a baggie with three round white pills and two blue football shaped pills (come on people, you knew you were already thinking it: that was oxycodone and Xanax). I guess the kid had gone to a friend's Halloween party, and picked that up in the bowl. What that tells me is someone accidentally left their newly acquired substances in the candy bowl. Perhaps it fell out of a sleeve or hand. But I'm willing to wager they were pretty bummed out. I wonder how you tackle that whole conversation?

As for Día de los Muertos, something that truly irks me is when people collect and display sugar skulls year-round. Because they typically have no idea what it represents, and it's insulting to a culture most apparently seem to not understand. All because they think it looks cool. And I've seen people get overly obsessed with collecting them? Why? Someone please fill me in or give your opinion. My inquiring mine would love to know.

I wish I had made a Halloween post, but I didn't. When I was a kid I always loved the idea behind Halloween. I actually think it was one of my more favorite marketed holidays. Maybe because to me it represented getting to be someone else for a day. And wearing a mask so no one could see my face or actual emotions. And to be fair, the monsters of Halloween were far less scary than the monsters in my daily reality.

Plus you could always dance to Thriller.