Brian "Tom" Jesus Delgado...

Everyone who knew this guy had their lives drastically changed. He lit up the room from the moment he walked in. He always laughed at life; never once did he lie. Tom was born January 6th, 1984. He adored his mother, Cindy, as well as his brother and sister. Until the day he passed all Tom cared about was drawing; striving to get better. I have never seen anyone progress that quickly in the short period of time that I knew him.

"Fuck the bullshit, it's all about progression."

When he first began painting graffiti he used the name SKOR, as well as painting giant pig characters. He would side bust everyone because he knew his spots would always ride. In 2010, he met Jue, Blur, and Dojob--they started ATM. That was when he switched his name to Tom. It was the year that Tom learned and progressed quickly, meeting other writers who taught him graffiti history. They also gave him tips on how to get better. In early 2011 I met Tom for the first time, along with many other writers. I didn't know what to think at first. I was pretty much like, "Shit, I might get jumped", but I didn't even care. These people ended up being like family to me for a great amount of time. For once I felt like I was a part of something. And never once did I know this was going to take over my life.

Once Brian passed away, I've never seen so much disrespect. And I've never seen so much love and respect. Most gave, and still give, the utmost respect to Tom. With the buff so hard these days, most of his spots seem to be just simple history, with few throwing his name up where ever they go. Most can attest that everyone Tom met had their lives changed by him. He seemed to make an impact and many viewed him as a brother. Writers all over the world gave me their condolences--from OG writers such as Begr, Scae, Neo, Soviet, King Jace, Enem, and Save. A lot of artists sent slaps (stickers) to contribute to his very last black book. When death occurs it seems to bring people together.

The night Tom passed, I couldn't believe it. It didn't feel real. I thought it was just some fucked up dream. He passed away around 2 AM on February 20th. 2012. Apparently I wasn't the only one; all of his family and friends couldn't believe it either. Making those phone calls was one of the hardest things I think I have ever done. If he was still alive today I would thank him for everything; his teachings, his laughter, his love. I really wish it didn't have to be Brian "Tom" Jesus Delgado that had come to pass on that given night. He had nothing but love for his family, friends and animals. He changed so many lives. And without him no one would have ever given me a chance in the whole subculture of street art. He was an honest person. He always had a joke to tell. I wish I could tell Tom how thankful I was to have him in my life. He is someone I can always call a brother. He truly helped me out more than anyone; he was there with me since day one. Living with him and painting with him has changed me forever.

Written by Toke/Ekot